Richelle Korienek, BSN, RN
Registered Nurse

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Richelle is passionate about providing excellent care that encompasses the whole patient. Richelle began her nursing journey working in a hospital as a Medical-Surgical/ Pediatric floor nurse. Though she was able to help many patients, she quickly began feeling disconnected from the short-term nature of her work. While she was grateful for her experience, she wanted a deeper connection with her patients and an opportunity to focus her care in a more holistic approach.

Growing up in hospitals, Richelle has always had a passion for helping others, which led her to achieve her lifelong dream of becoming a nurse. She graduated in 2020 from Davenport University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. Richelle has experienced holistic medicine firsthand and how life-changing it can be for patients and their families. This experience further pushed her to pursue a career in holistic medicine. Richelle has always believed in using natural remedies whenever she can and constantly strives to live a healthier lifestyle– in body and mind. She was thrilled to join the Michigan Holistic Medicine team that shares ideals and beliefs similar to hers.