Tracy Stark, BSN, RN
Registered Nurse

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Grand Rapids

I have a passion for providing care that supports the mind, body and soul. As a young adult I often found myself looking for nature driven interventions to heal the body. I found this increasingly difficult in traditional medicine. Despite its very important place, conventional medicine just didn’t suggest or support the treatments I had read to be so beneficial to many individuals. I felt I should be helping my patients utilize these remedies as well as support their journey toward overall wellness.

In 2009 I graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Family and Community Services and Child Development, my focus was on children in healthcare systems. I later returned to school earning a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Ferris State University in 2015. Throughout my education I questioned the heavy use of pharmaceuticals for every ailment and knew there were alternative treatments available that few would discuss with patients.

I have worked in emergency medicine for 10 years and found the quick fix to problems daunting on the body and often not a solution to many underlying issues that needed attention. I began to research natural alternative treatments for health and wellness even more once I had a family of my own and it has remained a passion of mine. I am excited to be a part of a team that treats the whole person on their journey to individualized wellness.