A Collaborative Approach to Holistic Health Care

We at Michigan Center for Holistic Medicine want you to know that your health is our mission. Our holistically oriented health care practitioners come from a variety of healing approaches including; naturopathic medicine, counseling, health coaching, massage therapy, skincare and now integrative medicine, with the introduction of our medical director, David Johnson, MD.

Our practitioners are committed to working with clients to find abundance and healing in all parts of their health; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This patient-centered health care is the basis of integrative medicine. Instead of treating only symptoms, integrative medicine explores the root cause of the dysfunction in the body. Whether it be purely physical or perhaps less obvious in the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our individual and collective lives.

Dr. Johnson adds an expanded scope to our practice that allows us to more collaboratively work as your partner to restore and optimize your health. His directorship also allows our naturopathic physicians to better serve your health care needs. With his addition, we can comprehensively evaluate your health with a variety of standard and specialty labs, while expanding our treatment options. Learn more about Dr. Johnson’s background and integrative approach here.

The symptoms of an illness take on a physical form, yet the content that is behind the symptoms is often a result of unrecognized imbalances in the body, mind, soul and spirit. This is the strength of (w)holistic health care, since illness, or disease is not something that is acquired, but rather, symptoms of the body are a mere conscious expression of imbalances and need for change. For most, this concept is contrary to academic medicine, which focuses on the physicality of symptoms and their subsequent removal, while failing to explore the yet unconscious reasoning behind the origin of the symptoms.

“Having been practicing in Michigan, an unlicensed state for naturopathic physicians, for nearly two years, I’ve had to get creative obtaining certain patient information in order to provide the best care. The addition of Dr. Johnson at Michigan Center for Holistic Medicine has been so essential for creating a comprehensive wellness center, which allows our patients more options and advantages for their health and wellness. Working with him as an integrative team has been a blessing that gives our patients the natural, preventive therapies they are seeking, while medical needs are never neglected. I am honored to be able to work with individuals from different educational backgrounds who all have the same patient-centered goal in mind.”- Christine Conti, Naturopathic Doctor

Health as an ecosystem is made up of complex interactions between it’s various parts. Our practitioners look at how a patient is functioning as a whole – not as pieces or parts. When an imbalance occurs that leads to a symptom, then that imbalance has come into conscious awareness. We then take the time that is necessary to understand the meaning behind the symptom or experience. This is the meaning-full approach to health and healing.

“I love the collaboration we have here between NDs and MDs. We are able to contribute unique perspectives and experiences that derive from our different educational background and focus. While much of our knowledge base does overlap, I find that we learn something new from each other every day. The environment here is very supportive, and we collaborate and offer insights into each other’s cases regularly. With Dr. Johnson as our Medical Director, our clients benefit greatly as well.” – Jennifer Kurinksy, Naturopathic Doctor

Drawing on the knowledge of the function of the body and exploring the foundations of physical health, while also exploring the potential role of unconscious memories and experiences or even potential exposures that prevent an individual from manifesting optimal health is the expertise that Dr. Johnson has brought to our Michigan Center for Holistic Medicine collaborative, integrative team. Dr. Johnson begins with a functional approach to restoring health, while also exploring the relationship between the psychological and the physical aspects of health and illness. Often referred to as the psychosomatic exploration for the “root cause” of symptoms and conditions.

Dr. Johnson also brings to Michigan Center for Holistic Medicine new and innovative testing and treatment options including:

  • Specialty lab testing to address functional imbalances
  • Biomarker testing to assess disease risk and severity
  • Advanced cardiovascular risk assessment – a detailed report that describes your lipid particles and inflammatory markers
  • Genomic Testing – provides insight into the interaction of your genes, your lifestyle, and your environment
  • EndoPAT™ – evaluates the health of the inner lining of your blood vessels, essential to health and wellbeing
  • Heart Rate Variability – an evaluation of your autonomic nervous system balance; see whether chronic stress is adversely affecting your nervous system.

At Michigan Center for Holistic Medicine , together we focus on preventive medicine, while supporting the healing capacity of the body. We evaluate risk factors, including genomics, as well as assess functional imbalances in the body and reach for individual health goals, using lifestyle changes and natural products, whenever possible.

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