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The Michigan Center for Holistic Medicine was formed through the integration of three Michigan health and wellness centers, the Michigan Center for Functional Medicine, Grand Rapids Natural Health, and Sleeping Bear Natural Health. Upon meeting and collaborating Dr. McSwain and Dr. Peterson, learned that their visions of providing accessible, state of the art, individualized, holistic healthcare aligned perfectly. This alignment forged the idea of creating a dual location Holistic Medical Center, The Michigan Center for Holistic Medicine, offering services in Grand Rapids, Lansing, Traverse City, and Frankfort.

The Michigan Center for Holistic Medicine, owned by Andrea McSwain, DO and operated by Kelly Peterson, ND was created in 2020 with a vision and mission to provide advanced, Holistic Healthcare for the greater Michigan community.

“It is all too often that patients express frustration of not finding answers, not feeling heard, or accepting defeat that “they cannot be helped” as they have yet to find medical relief. This is why we created this center.” -Andrea McSwain, DO

Who We Are

Integrating a wide variety of holistically trained physicians including DOs, MDs, and NDs with training in functional, integrative, and naturopathic medicine creates a uniquely rare center for patients looking for answers they have never been given before. Our team of practitioners begin a journey with each patient who walks through our doors. Instead of checking off symptoms from a generic evaluation we deeply assess our patients concerns. We pride our practice on being able to identify root causes of symptoms and expanding our patient’s knowledge of the many services available to them and how they can be an integral part of their healing journey. Our patients leave with confidence and peace of mind knowing their care provided will be unique to only them.

Become a Part of Our Family

Utilizing four locations with four skillfully trained teams of practitioners, and a combined nine years in business, Michigan Center for Holistic Medicine is a leader in pioneering accessible Holistic Healthcare to the Midwest. If you are feeling defeated or do not know where to turn in your healthcare journey, browse our website. Give our offices a call, we offer Discovery Calls with our Health Coaches, our health care guides, to help you better navigate options and services with our team and find out what journey is right for you!