An overview of how MCHM offers a different level of cancer care support

The majority of cancer care in the United States is based on the genetic or quantitative model from Western Medicine. A smaller percentage utilizes the treatment approach of a functional medicine or qualitative model. At MCHM we approach cancer treatment by bridging that gap and providing comprehensive care that utilizes both the genetic based treatments of Western medicine and the metabolic based treatments of functional medicine. We found that like many other areas of healthcare in Michigan, cancer patients were being greatly underserved as there are very limited options for treatment, particularly comprehensive treatment, which is why we have developed our Cancer Care Support Program (CCSP.)

Through the CCSP, we utilize a team-centered care approach, both within our company, as well as working in collaboration and coordination with each patient’s established healthcare team. It is our desire to work with your primary care provider, oncology team, surgeons, physical medicine practitioners, etc. to provide you the most complete care. While we may focus on a cancer diagnosis as the main area of treatment, we always approach our patients as a whole person as we understand that you cannot separate one from the other.

We have designed our program to provide support on every level while working towards or maintaining remission. We employ a wide variety of tools to develop individualized treatment plans including:

  • Personalized support through physician visits with Dr. Andrea McSwain and Dr. Mallory Mahoney.
  • Specialty testing which may include looking at overall health status, inflammation levels, digestion evaluation, hormone evaluation and more.
  • Regular blood work to monitor health status and cancer markers as needed.
  • Nutrient infusions including high dose Vitamin C and Ozone therapy which have both shown great success with broad spectrum cancer treatment and management, as well as nutrient support for any potential deficiencies.
  • Ozone therapy both in office through infusions and other forms of administration as well as at home treatments to maintain and potentiate regular in office treatments
  • Physical medicine which may include massage therapy, acupuncture, Asian bodywork and osteopathic manipulations.
  • Heat therapy through our infrared saunas available at our Grand Rapids and Lansing locations.
  • Medical Spa services to promote skin health, lymphatic movement and stress management while utilizing the KPS Essentials line of products which has been completely certified by Oncology Training International as safe to use throughout cancer treatment.
  • Dietary guidance to help create healthy dietary patterns that minimize cancer cell replication while maintaining overall health and wellness.
  • Nutritional supplementation with a goal of both baseline regimens for wellness and generalized cancer management as well as specific treatment protocols for individualized cancer treatment.

We understand and appreciate that each individual patient has a different desire with their cancer treatment and approach. We are here to support patients in any stage of cancer and treatment as well as any preference of treatment types. We work with those on the entire spectrum of therapeutic approaches from completely natural to various levels of combined functional and conventional treatments.

If you or a loved one has been recently diagnosed or is in the midst of treatment and looking for additional support we would be happy to speak to you about our program. We offer 60 minute CCSP Discovery Calls every Monday at 6pm with Dr. Mallory to go over the program details and answer any questions you might have. If you are interested in one of our Discovery Calls or establishing care with us, please click the associated links below.

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