5 Ways to Beat This Allergy Season

Well, allergy season is upon us in Northern Michigan! Some of us struggled through the winter, with mold and dust exposures from long hours inside. Others of us had a short reprieve while pollen counts have been low. Still, the weather is changing, and with the warmer temperatures, so comes the increased pollen counts. Fear not! MCHM is here to offer some tips as to how you can beat this allergy season!

An overview of how MCHM offers a different level of cancer care support

The majority of cancer care in the United States is based on the genetic or quantitative model from Western Medicine. A smaller percentage utilizes the treatment approach of a functional medicine or qualitative model. At MCHM we approach cancer treatment by bridging that gap and providing comprehensive care that utilizes both the genetic based treatments of Western medicine and the metabolic based treatments of functional medicine. We found that like many other areas of healthcare in Michigan, cancer patients were being greatly underserved as there are very limited options for treatment, particularly comprehensive treatment, which is why we have developed our Cancer Care Support Program (CCSP.)

Foundational Pillars of Health – Part 1: Nutrition

Health is the natural state for the human body and it is disturbed by obstacles that lead to disease. In order to understand what is disturbing your health you must understand what influences health. The determinants of health are the combined factors that affect the health of an individual. These determinants consist of inborn factors such as genetic makeup or maternal health, medical history that includes previous illnesses and access to health care, and lifestyle factors such as hydration, nutrition, mental function, emotional stress, structural integrity, exercise, environmental exposures and cultural factors.