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Pre-Conception and Fertility Care with a Naturopathic Doctor

pregnant woman

Making a baby requires a beautifully complex orchestration of hormones and body systems in both the male and female. A LOT has to go right, and it seems like a pretty miraculous process when it does. Naturopathic medicine has a tremendous amount to offer people wanting to plan for a healthy pregnancy or enhance fertility. […]

What’s in Your Genes?


Research into genetics and their role in our everyday health is an up and coming movement in medicine today. Patients are inquiring whether they are destined to develop a disease due to a strong family history. Can a person avoid heart disease, obesity or cancer, even though their relatives had those conditions? Yes, genetics play […]

A Collaborative Approach to Holistic Health Care

We at Michigan Center for Holistic Medicine want you to know that your health is our mission. Our holistically oriented health care practitioners come from a variety of healing approaches including; naturopathic medicine, counseling, health coaching, massage therapy, skincare and now integrative medicine, with the introduction of our medical director, David Johnson, MD. Our practitioners […]