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There are five interconnected aspects or dimensions to our total well-being – physical, mental (thoughts/beliefs), emotional, relationships and spiritual. When there is disharmony or dis-ease in one or more of these it can eventually affect the whole. Our life’s experiences can leave impressions that affect our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, our ability to handle stress and how we make choices. These impressions will also affect the overall vibration and vitality of our energy field, the lower the vibration is the more we are susceptible to disease and dis-harmony in our physical body.

In a Spiritual Energy Session Chris will address the disharmony in these five aspects through the use of Breath, Energy Touch Therapy, CranioSacral, Archetypal Patterns, Cellular Memory Release and Spiritual Guidance. By releasing these impressions in our cellular memory we can begin to unveil our true essence enabling us to open to our highest potential in all aspects of our being.

Energy Therapy Service Menu

90-minute Session – $125

Package of three Sessions – $345

Archetype Guidance Sessions

Have you been wondering what your life’s purpose is? Are you questioning why you respond to your life circumstances in a particular way?

Archetypes are the energy patterns that are woven into our lives. These energies show themselves in the roles we take on, our choices, careers, beliefs and thoughts. Archetypes such as mother, entrepreneur, healer, victim, bully, child and many more are familiar to us and are affecting our lives whether we are aware of them or not.

These sessions are designed to assist you to come into a conscious relationship with the archetypal patterns that are operating in you life. We will incorporate the use of Archetype cards to gain inspiration and guidance into the energy patterns that are present for you and how to engage with them to create harmony, balance and an understanding of your life purpose (Sacred Contract).


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Chris Wheeler, CST
Energy Touch Practitioner
CranioSacral Therapist