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Holistic Healthcare Services

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a systematic, biology-based approach that focuses on identifying the root cause of disease. Each symptom and/or diagnosis is analyzed to address one or more contributing factors to an individual’s illness and discomfort.

Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, or OMT, is a set of hands-on techniques used by Osteopathic Physicians (DOs) to diagnose, treat, and prevent illness or injury. Using OMT, a DO moves a patient’s muscles and joints using techniques that include stretching, gentle pressure and resistance.

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine uses a whole-person approach to understand a patient’s lifestyle, activity level, health concerns, and specific symptoms before diagnosing or prescribing. Naturopathic Doctors (ND) teach their patients to recognize physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health as vital tools to achieve a healthy, well rounded body from the inside out.

IV Therapies & Nutrient Injections

Injections and Infusions provide necessary vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids that are able to nourish your body more effectively than oral supplements or foods. Infusions rich in Vitamin-mineral nutrients allow your Doctor to be able to recommend targeted supplements at a higher dosage with faster delivery throughout your body.

Ozone and Ultraviolet Light Therapies

Ozone and UBI therapies function as complimenting services or are utilized separately to treat and eradicate infections throughout the body and blood stream, reduce inflammation, support immune health and more. These approaches are able to treat specific conditions as well as provide overall wellness benefits to supplement our patient’s bodies natural functions.

Health Coaching

Review your health history, create customized meal plans, learn about relationships with food, discover proper nourishment for your body, and create a lasting healthy lifestyle with our Health Coaches. Each patient is treated differently and coached through lifestyle changes and adjustments for specific health goals.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Our bodies pump blood that mainly consists of plasma, however our blood also contains red cells, white cells, and platelets. Platelets play a crucial role in protecting our blood flow and contain proteins referred to as growth factors which are needed to stimulate healing of injuries.

Holistic Bodywork Services


Emsculpt uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to trigger what’s called supramaximal contractions. Em-Sculpt can be used for the improvement of abdominal tone, strengthening of the abdominal muscles, development of firmer abdomen, and strengthening, toning, firming of the buttocks.


This all-natural treatment is designed to target stubborn areas of the body affected by cellulite and dimpling, increases lymphatic drainage, aids in hydration, and provides a smooth appearance. The treatment can be done on the client’s area of choice: abdomen, legs, and/or arms to actively increase lymphatic drainage and clear blockage of fluids and waste throughout the body.

Holistic Medical Spa Services

Organic Skin Care

Our Organic facials use only food-grade level products free of chemicals, filler ingredients, and harmful parabens. Using the Earth’s most beneficial ingredients, our Holistic Estheticians are able to cleanse and enrich our skin from the inside out promoting healthy, radiant skin without toxic ingredients.


Microneedling is a rejuvenating alternative to common laser or chemical treatments. Microneedling safely “pricks” the skin to treat concerns such as scars or wrinkles without damaging, burning, dissolving, or using abrasives on the skin.

Infrared Sauna

Our Infrared Sauna is a perfect add on service! With contemporary design and groundbreaking innovation, the Clearlight Sanctuary® Saunas are unlike any other. Unlike most saunas, our Infrared Sauna is designed to emit dry heat, not steam, causing the body to release toxins out of the skin without harmful chemicals or frequencies.