How Toxins Make You Fat

How Toxins Make You Fat

I want to talk to you about how toxins make you fat. It’s a really important topic because a lot of our society is gaining fat, and we really don’t even know what it is. We often use the label “fat” to indicate globular things. I think there’s a lot of confusion surrounding fat, and that many people believe fat storage in the body is created by fat that we eat. That’s not the case. When you think about fat in the body, or the body storing fat, there’s a lot of other ways I want you to think about it. It’s really important that we redefine that so we can better understand how to deal with it.

First of all, let’s disassociate the good quality fat from the bad in what you eat, such as avocados, walnuts, and pecans. Fat is a macronutrient, something you need to be consuming a pretty large amount of so that your body can have an ability to process fat soluble vitamins. We really do need to eat good, quality fat. We don’t want to be eating inflammation, because inflammation makes us fat. Fat, in that regard, is a term that people use to indicate obesity, heaviness, stored toxins, etc.

Fat is adipose cells. It has its own type of tissue, but it is in a category of soft tissue. Soft tissue is the space that is not skin, bone, or muscle. It’s soft tissue, and it’s all throughout our bodies. One component of soft tissue is adipose tissue, another component is fibrous tissue, and it is really important in general to help the body function. There is also lymphs, or collections of toxins that are made from the cell that need to be moved out of the body. That’s what we all consume and think about as fat.

Let’s get rid of the idea that these are fat cells, and understand that they are toxic cells. They’re loaded with congestion of what the cell has produced as toxins. There are also cells that the body has manufactured to store toxins, which are unknown to us. There are products and chemicals that our body can’t understand. These are all coming from the bad foods of inflammation.

I am really looking at redefining the word fat. If we think about fat as foods, we can think about good fats. Then, if we are thinking about fat, or storage of toxins in our body, we can think about soft tissue that the body is using as a storage unit. What’s happening is those storage units are storing toxins in our body. We can think about soft tissue as the tissue the body is using as a storage unit and then building structure, or fibrous tissue, and then they are getting harder as our body gets a bit weaker and starts to rely on soft tissue and fat.

I so often see people folding their arms and resting them on their belly. Your abdomen is not designed for that. Every time you do this, you are a nickel to charity. This way hopefully you can stop that habit because that is a perfect example of using soft tissue and that is inflamed and swollen and heavy and not getting great blood supply and that has become now and armrest for some people. It is a very bad idea because that makes it hard in the soft tissue. We are starting to rely on these areas, and we are starting to create a function that makes this soft tissue harder. Soft tissue can become soft and it can be gotten rid of. The reason that’s important is because often times people are storing congestion or toxins in that congestion. When they are storing those toxins in that congestion, they start back walking that. Those storage units of toxins are in fat cells or in soft tissue start to create their own problem they start secreting hormones, they start communicating with their environment, and they are extremely inflammatory.

If you have inflammation around your gut, it is likely because your foods are highly inflammatory and your gut lining is inflamed on the inside. Your body is having to redirect a lot of its efforts and you are actually storing inflammation in the intestines. That is toxic inflammation. That’s what you need to be working on to get improvement. A simple way, and always a rule of thumb that I apply, is run it. You can start at the bottom of the left side, and work your way up and around and down. You go over the transverse colon, then down into the ascending. Or, you can start on the right side and go up and across the transfers and down the ascending. What you’re doing there, is you’re actually allowing that tissue to be stimulated. You are supporting it by pumping it, and that is something you can do to get rid of your toxic load and the storage of that hardening soft tissue that is toxic and full of inflammation.

We have to think about why the body is doing that. For one reason, sometimes, the garbage that is congested through the lymph system is just backlogged, as I mentioned before. Other times, we are eating really inflammatory things or we are putting toxins on the largest organ of the body, which is the skin. This sort of thing is happening every day to create an environment that is inflammatory on the outside and that is being permeated into the inside.

Also, as women, we have two recognize another important concept, which is we are reproductively designed to have babies, and we have to carry those babies. We have to store fat in stressful situations. So, if we’re creating stress in our bodies by excessive exercise, the kind that wears you out in a bad way, and the kind that fatigues you, or we are sitting so long that we are creating stress in the body, we will be storing fat. Our bodies are designed to carry babies, unlike men, who may often lose weight when they have stress because they have a role to run and hunt. That is changing now, because a lot of men are developing excess estrogen and their fat cells are actually secreting the high toxic estrogen I was talking about last week. Some men are becoming more estrogen dominant, so, when they exercise, they can start storing fat if they are over exercising or creating a very stressful situation in their body by creating that kind of congestion. Estrogen dominance plays a role in how we either release fat with storage or store fat with storage. If you are estrogen dominant, you tend to store and accumulate fat.

I just want to kind of re-frame in general, that the body is not the enemy. It is inherently trying to help us. If you can think about ways to improve your metabolism and allow for a massage or movement of the tissue, then you can help clear out the tissue. You can help eliminate toxins. You are not stuck with fat. Sometimes we store fat or toxins in our liver, so it is really important to help get our liver to clear out and serve as the filter that it is supposed to be.

A fundamental principle of functional medicine is, “Chronic stress plus chronic inflammation leads to immune suppression.” If you’re stressed out, you’re eating junk, you’re highly inflamed, with a highly inflamed environment full of chemicals, eventually your immune system will not be able to handle that. That can happen with excess toxic accumulation on the inside. This is not simply feeling it in feeling heavy, or your clothes are full, or you’re feeling bloated. It’s actually impacting your organ’s ability to function. Living in a chronic state of stress or a chronic state of inflammation is very toxic to your overall wellbeing.