Mari Brauer
Administrative Support Staff

Hello! My name is Mari! I was born, raised, and currently reside in my hometown Traverse city, Michigan. I am incredibly lucky my hometown is surrounded by so many things that bring me joy, inspiration and happiness! Prior to falling in love with  naturopathic healing and integrative health; I spent many years in the insurance industry. I have always enjoyed customer service and helping others. I enjoy learning and sharing support both behind the scenes and a group setting.

I embrace a good challenge and being able to help others find solutions. Being a “Jill of all trades” has suited my personality well. I believe in the power of self healing and naturopathic care. Being apart of and involved in our growing industry of naturopathic health  care has been life changing for me, in all the best ways.! When I’m not working I love to spend time with friends and family, especially outside under the sun! I enjoy anything that has to do with rocks and minerals from hunting, to polishing and art. Nature is glorious! Photography, adventuring with my dog, fishing, researching and traveling  are just a few of my favorite things.