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Mary Clevidence
Functional Medicine health Coach

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  • Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCHC)
  • Lifestyle Changes
  • National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC)

Serving you as your health coach allows me to support you through your journey of recovering from chronic disease toward better health and a functional life. A journey that I know personally so that I may support you more professionally.

I was a person with chronic disease, struggling to simply make it through my day. Working and maintaining a social life and exercising to be healthy, all while searching for answers, was draining the life out of me. I just wanted to feel normal, which I didn’t know anymore what that would consist of. My ingrained desire to help others was thwarted because I couldn’t even help myself. I understood what needed to happen, but I couldn’t find doctors or counselors to help me scale the mountains of information to get to the root cause of my issues. To make things worse, everyone thought that my problems were in my head. I had no confidence in myself and my decisions, medical or otherwise.

I couldn’t even move anymore. I had pushed myself past my limits. This meant having to sell my business because I couldn’t keep up the pace.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened… I recognized that I needed to persevere to find the answers that no one was going to provide for me. It was now crystal clear to me how to get to the root cause of the problem. I could get better! I wasn’t crazy! I learned that I didn’t have to travel on my healing journey alone… I needed help and support.

I found a team that works with me. Help came through connecting and working with a functional medicine doctor and coaching services. I began feeling better. Slowly, I was gaining control of my health. After testing and evaluating the results, the root cause of my illness was found: heavy metal toxicity.

Once I was on the right path, my healing journey rapidly improved in less than a year. I didn’t recognize myself and couldn’t believe that the disease had transformed to ease. My plan was to start working on each area which was identified. So I worked with my physician led team to develop mini-plans in each area that I needed to work on. We followed the plan step-by-step. We evaluated my long-term health as a long-term resource.

I was not only able to move my body, I had energy and good recovery time. The residual soreness had decreased. I am no longer reliant on supplements for metabolic support to function, because my functional medicine regimen helps me understand what I need to feel good for the long haul.

But there was still a problem… Old habits die hard. New habits are created, but we are not perfect. We have to always work on the muscle memory in our minds. It’s an ongoing process which keeps evolving. My discovery that the struggle was true for others as well as myself made my convictions stronger. I could do this for myself while helping others work through their health issues.

Highly recommend!

Very thankful for Dr. Jennifer. She listened to how I felt and is always there to brainstorm options to come up with the best solution. I would highly recommend!

Rachel, P.


Dr. Buchner has exceeded my expectations in every way. I came to her with a weight problem, high blood pressure, depression, and anxiety which seemed to be getting consistently worse with conventional treatment. SHE LISTENS to my concerns and we have an open line of communication. Since my first visit 4 months ago I have… Read more “LIFE CHANGING”

Rebecca T.

Finally someone listened

My path to these miracle workers came through desperation – my daughter suffered for years with a range of issues. Traditional medical Dr visits always ended with a recommendation for anti depressants and exercise. How does one exercise when you literally can’t get out of bed?! Finally someone listened to her symptoms. I’ll never forget… Read more “Finally someone listened”

Amy Y

Essential component of good trauma therapy

Dr. McSwain is compassionate, attuned and a true expert in her field. Working in the field of trauma recovery, I would also recommend her for every individual that has experienced the symptoms of traumatic stress. Her work is an essential component of good trauma therapy and healing.

Genuine and effective approach

Dr. McSwain is passionate about empowering her clients to understand their wholistic health, so that s/he can get back on track to healing and receive the sustainable results desired. Her genuine and effective approach, integrated with her expertise in functionalmedicine, creates the perfect mix for full-spectrum health!

Dr. McSwain is Fantastic!

Dr. McSwain is fantastic. She really takes the time to truly understand your body and what the “Root Cause” is. I have not come across a doctor that spends so much time looking into the history of your life & how it relates to your current health!