Meet our Integrative Cardiologist, Dave Johnson, MD


Michigan Center for Holistic Medicine is pleased to offer the latest in holistic medical practices, with innovative, evidence-based and comprehensive services. Our holistically trained medical staff work in collaboration to seamlessly bring each individual a unique experience within both our clinic locations. We pride ourselves in being a one-of-a-kind center for healing and health restoration.

Our medical team includes MDs, DOs and NDs, and we are thrilled to introduce you to a key player in that team, integrative cardiologist, Dave Johnson, MD. Building upon his extensive training and background in cardiology and his passion for integrative practices, Dr. Johnson is able to offer his patients individualized care, analyzing the whole person, and taking into account all aspects of health- body, mind, soul, spirit and environment; a level of care unlike most who have been to cardiologist. He has helped many in his career using the conventional cardiac care model but early in his career recognized the failure of this model to adequately address the underlying cause of cardiovascular disease.

“My journey has led me down a much less traveled path including the study of mindfulness, wilderness immersion, and shamanic healing practices. These experiences helped me to hear with clarity that internal voice calling me to reach deeper into health and healing by embracing the entirety of human experience from body, mind, soul and spirit.” – Dave Johnson, MD

Cardiac concerns are rampant in our country and are consistently ranked as a leading cause of death. We are overjoyed to be able to offer a holistic, comprehensive option for care when dealing with such a critical part of health and well-being. Our new ownership and operation provides Dr. Johnson the support he, and you, need to prevent, treat, and potentially reverse cardiovascular disease. Integrative cardiology digs deeper into the cause of cardiovascular disease compared to the conventional “pharmaceutical” approach. His extensive knowledge and experience is a rarity and results in comprehensive solutions to your health far beyond heart disease. A leader in education and lifestyle modification, he will now also have access to extensive integrative treatment strategies, such as comprehensive laboratory assessment, chelation therapy, intravenous (IV) nutrition and vitamin therapy, medical ozone therapy and so much more.

Education has always been and will continue to be a forefront element of holistic medical care. Our team, including Dr. Johnson, values our patients’ understanding of their treatments in the most comprehensive way possible. We educate our patients in a way that is most relevant to their lifestyle and health concerns, and allows them the best chance to make the changes they need to get better and stay well.

A cardiologist that is able to provide optimal overall wellness, while pinpointing specific health concerns and utilizing the best of both holistic and conventional solutions is a rare combination to come by. We are blessed to have Dr. Johnson on our team!

For more information on the services and availability Dr. Johnson has in our clinic, please give our Grand Rapids location a call at (616) 264-6556 or reach us by email at Dr. Johnson has an additional Michigan Center for Holistic Medicine satellite location in Traverse City that can be booked through our Grand Rapids site.

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