Our Mission for Michigan

Michigan Center for Holistic Medicine has set a mission to provide accessible, holistic healthcare throughout the state of Michigan. The purpose of our clinic is to provide patients with a healing experience where they feel heard and find hope within their health journey.

Our team of Holistic Healthcare professionals work in collaboration with the belief that no two patients are the same, and individualized care and treatment from our compassionate, knowledgeable practitioners can be the first step to changing a patient’s life. We are not a “one size fits all” medical clinic, we do not strive to keep up with fad trends or societal pressures of a quick-fix, “Band-Aid” solution for our patients. Michigan Center for Holistic Medicine finds the root cause of disease, ailments, and conditions to treat the core of the problem which leads to lasting results and restored health from the inside out.

In our clinic, each practitioners room holds opportunity for learning and a renewed sense of hope. Our Doctors, nurses, holistic estheticians, and more often find their patients express emotions of feeling heard in a medical facility for the first time ever when leaving our doors.

Accessing Holistic Healthcare should not be a challenge, but an option in every community. Our mission has quickly expanded to four Holistic Medical Clinic and Spa’s in Grand Rapids, Lansing, Traverse City, and Frankfort. Each location houses our Medical Clinics as well as a Holistic Medical Spa that work in collaboration to provide state of the art technology and services through our 30+ practitioners. We intend to grow to reach demographics throughout Michigan to provide our healing and restoration in various cities that make our clinic just a car ride away.

We are Michigan Center for Holistic Medicine, and we are soon coming to a neighborhood near you.