Grand Rapids Team

At Michigan Holistic Medicine’s Grand Rapids location, we are a proud team who have been working and growing together for over seven years. We pride ourselves on our commitment to optimize the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health and well-being of our greater Grand Rapids community. As a collaborative and integrative team of practitioners, we inspire our clients to restore all areas of wellness, focusing on the whole person, with an individualized approach. With a Holistic Medical and Spa, as well as licensed therapists of various specialties, our mission is to provide our patients with the upmost care and tools to sustain a natural, healthy lifestyle.

Lansing Team

At Michigan Center for Holistic Medicine’s Lansing location, we are proud to serve our neighbors and community of central Michigan. Offering accessible integrative and functional health and wellness services to our patients through our skilled team of practitioners is what our office is built upon. As a team, our patients can except the upmost care and consideration using our unique skill sets, with an individualized approach. Along with our extensive list of services, our Lansing location features Physical Therapy services as well as an Infrared Sauna. Our team acts not only as your healthcare professional, but as teachers to guide you with tools to create and sustain a natural, healthy lifestyle.