Finally someone listened

My path to these miracle workers came through desperation – my daughter suffered for years with a range of issues. Traditional medical Dr visits always ended with a recommendation for anti depressants and exercise. How does one exercise when you literally can’t get out of bed?! Finally someone listened to her symptoms. I’ll never forget Dr saying “when we get you back to normal”….I had to stop her and ask “you can fix this?” I think my daughter and I both started to cry when she confirmed that yes, she could help her and has healed others with the same condition! Through blood work analysis Dr Andrea saw she had several issues. After 1 or 2 visits we started to see drastic improvement. So I started seeing Dr Andrea as well because my kidney function was under 60 (chronic kidney disease). I was told by traditional medical Drs that there was nothing that could be done to help my Kidneys, I felt hopeless and scared. Within a few weeks she had me climbing over 80! We love the team at the GR office ~ I’m forever thankful we found them!

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