Cancer Care Support

Whether you have recently been diagnosed, currently going through conventional medical treatment, are in remission or somewhere else along this spectrum- we are here to support you. Our practitioners have years of experience working with a wide variety of patients and have found a significant lack of care for those with cancer. As a team, Michigan Center for Holistic Medicine has come together and designed a Cancer Care Support Program (CCSP) for those looking to incorporate a holistic, functional element of care into their cancer treatment plan.

It is our goal to be a part of your healthcare team by working in conjunction with your oncologists, surgeons, primary care physician and  physical medicine practitioners to develop individualized and comprehensive treatment plans for your specific needs and treatment goals.

Providing the Care You Deserve

If you or a loved one are interested in supplementing their cancer care health journey with holistic medicine, we invite you to join our virtual group discovery call with Dr. Mallory Mahoney. Discovery calls are held every Monday evening at 6pm over a zoom based platform. These calls are available to anyone interested in getting a better understanding of our approach to cancer care, what we have to offer, and what you can expect as a participant in our program. Please keep in mind that these are group calls and there are likely to be multiple participants from different locations, so specific health questions will not be discussed. Please call our clinic at (616) 264-6556 for any questions or if you are interested in a personal, non group formatted discovery call.

If you or a loved one are interested in joining our Cancer Care Support Program and do not feel you need to participate in a discovery call, please use the Interest Link below. This will guide you through questions about your specific needs and goals so that our staff may review them to best prepare for your initial visit. Once you fill out this form, we will contact you to get you scheduled and answer any additional questions.

What Our Patients Can Expect

Our Cancer Care Support Program (CCSP) is based on a team approach working together within our four clinics to provide comprehensive care throughout Michigan. Our team works collaboratively, coordinating with additional members of your healthcare team for treatment and whole health, functional support. We have designed our program to provide support on every level while working towards or maintaining remission. Throughout your care your treatment plan will likely consist of a combination of physician visits at regular intervals, specialty testing and regular blood work as needed, nutrient infusions, ozone therapy, physical medicine and/or medical spa services.

Physician Visits

As a patient participating in the CCSP, you will work with both Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist, Dr. Mallory Mahoney and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Andrea McSwain for team visits and individual evaluations. Dr. Mallory will act as the main practitioner for regularly scheduled visits while incorporating team visits for coordinated care management or specialty testing purposes as they arise. In your visits, our team will provide guidance and support with dietary recommendations, nutritional supplementation, exercise management, stress management, physical medicine and education to help you best understand the complexities of your own body’s response to cancer and treatment.

Specialty Testing

We utilize a wide variety of regular lab work for general monitoring and specialty testing to get a more comprehensive view of your overall health as well as detailed information for specific systems. This may include significant panels to look at overall health and inflammation, digestive health, hormone levels, systemic nutrient levels and more. MCHM is also currently the only medical practice in Michigan to offer testing through the Research Genetics Cancer Center (RGCC) who provide specific testing for individuals with cancer. These tests allow us to look at your individual cancer cells for evaluation of genetic markers, risk factors and sensitivity to specific conventional and natural therapies. This test allows our doctors to review specific cancer cells to then evaluate a personalized treatment plan for healing.

Nutrient Infusions

For many years holistic practitioners have been using various nutrient infusions to support patients going through cancer treatment. At MCHM we used evidence based treatments of regular high dose vitamin C infusions to help treat cancer. Additionally, we have a variety of other nutrient infusions to support in the treatment of cancer, immune system support and cellular/whole body energy. These infusions can play a key role in cancer treatment by actively causing tumor cell death and simultaneously supporting the body’s ability for healing. Depending on the course of treatment you’ve chosen we can also support the mitigation of side effects from any conventional chemotherapeutic treatments.

Ozone Therapy

In addition to specific nutrient infusions we offer ozone infusions. Ozone is three molecules of oxygen bound together (O3) instead of the normal two molecules (O2) that we breathe as the oxygen in our air. In ozone infusions we mix equal parts of your blood that we get from your infusion line and ozone which supercharges your red blood cells and provides you more oxygen than you could get any other way. This extra oxygen is able to hyper-perfuse your tissues to promote overall function, helps kill cancer cells and increase immune function by stimulating the white blood cells present. We can also use direct ozone therapy through various external routes such as your ears, nose and skin to also support direct cancer treatment but additionally promote treatment of brain fog, upper respiratory congestion or infections, rashes or other skin conditions.

Physical Medicine

Both cancer and cancer treatments have a huge impact on the physical body. Our team is able to offer multiple forms of physical medicine including osteopathic manipulation, acupuncture, cupping therapy, Asian bodywork techniques, massage therapy and lymphatic drainage. We feel that it is very important to support the physical body throughout treatment as we can use these techniques to help manage pain and support physical alignment. With proper physical alignment, the systems of the body can function better and healing is more easily achieved. Moreover, physical medicine modalities can relieve pain and release endorphins reducing overall stress and improving mental fortitude for a whole body approach.

Medical Spa Services

Our med-spa services go beyond nutrient infusions and includes a system of facials and body treatments all performed by our specially trained holistic estheticians. Our estheticians utilize the product range from KPS Essentials, a Michigan based company that provides organic skincare that is certified by the Oncology Training International as the entire line is safe for use in those with cancer. Our spa services include facials and SlimSage treatments that are not simply for aesthetic purposes but used therapeutically to treat skin conditions and lymphatic congestion common in cancer patients.

Nutritional Supplements

A large base of our cancer care support is nutritional supplementation. We utilize a large range of high quality, third party certified supplements to support the immune system, manage any nutrient deficiencies that are present, treat digestive dysbiosis as well as create individualized support for cancer treatment. In addition to generalized supplementation, we are able to utilize the results from the RGCC Onconomics Extracts test to formulate specific treatment plans that are tailored to your individual cancer cells with products they are susceptible to with strategic dosing and timing to reduce multi-therapy resistance that is common with cancer cells.

Through any stage, our team is here to be of support to you. Please reach out to our staff at or (616) 264-6556 directly speak to our front desk staff. Appointment scheduling, information, and further questions can be directed to our staff at any time.