Organic Skin Care

Personalized, organic, medical spa facial services.

Michigan Center for Holistic Medicine is not just your average spa, we strive to create health and wellness in all aspects of our clients’ lives. We believe that what is put on the skin has a large impact on overall health. We also believe in caring for the body on the inside and out.This is why our Holistic Esthetics team chooses to work with KPS Essentials Organic Skincare line during all skincare services. Regular facial treatments, every 4-6 weeks, removes dead skin cell build-up, allowing for better product penetration, collagen stimulation, improved circulation, regeneration of new skin cells and healing of adverse skin conditions, all resulting in better hydration and an overall glow.Our Holistic Estheticians work collaboratively with our doctors, health coaches and all of our wellness providers to create a comprehensive plan that takes into account all aspects of skin health. They educate their clients, listen to their clients, build relationships with them and get to the root cause, no matter what the skin condition is!

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