OZONE and ultraviolet light therapies

Supporting the fundamental functions of the body.


Ozone therapy is a unique form of therapy that is designed to support the fundamental functions of our body. Being able to treat various diseases, oxygen is injected into the patient’s bloodstream, infected area, or through the nasal passage utilizing a specific measurement depending upon the treatment needed.

The science behind Ozone therapy proves to supplement patients immunity, increase oxygen efficiency, promote bodily detox and microcirculation and much more. Increased energy, mobility, and quality of life are just the beginning of what this therapy can offer. Our Doctors are able to utilize Ozone therapy for a variety of patients suffering from general pain and fatigue to chronic disease.

Because Ozone is able to strengthen the immune system and stimulate white blood cells in the body, the therapy is able to both treat pain and disease while also preventing further spread by destroying viruses and bacteria. To learn more about Ozone therapy or to ask our medical staff if it could be a fit for you or a loved one, please book a Discovery Call with us for further information. All Ozone and UBI services are available to MCHM patients only. Please call 616.264.6556 with questions.


UBI or Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation therapy can be a supplemental service to our Ozone patients or utilized as a separate treatment on its own. UBI is a light therapy treatment that is proven to help eradicate conditions caused by bacteria, viruses, or other pathogens.

Ultraviolet light is commonly used in the medical world as a safe and effective sterilization tool, similarly to what this service can do for patients with infections. Through treating blood with UV Light, UBI stimulates the body’s immune system and response levels while increasing the oxygen absorption rapidly bringing the infected blood back to balance.

Bacterial conditions, viral infections, inflammatory conditions, circulation disorders and more can be wonderful candidates to benefit from the fast healing effects of UBI. UV Light has the capability to kill infectious sources throughout the body while also stimulating the immune system to re-establish natural functions.

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Service offered at:

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Please note: Ozone Infusions and Injections, as well as UBI Infusion s, are available to current MCHM physician patients only.

Price for Single Treatment
Ozone and UBI Combined Infusion –  $200
Ozone Infusion orUBI Infusion – $150

Ozone and/or UBI Add-On to any Appointment
Add-on both Ozone and UBI infusion – $150
Add-on Ozone or UBI Infusion –  $120
Add-on Nasal or Ear Ozone – $20

Ozone and UBI Combined Infusion Packages
Package of 10 – $1350
Package of 5 – $850

Ozone Infusion Packages
Package of 10 – $950
Package of 5 –$600

UBI Infusion Packages
Package of 10 – $950
Package of 5 – $600