Target stubborn areas affected by cellulite and dimpling, and promote lymphatic drainage


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The KPS Essentials Slimsage treatment is designed to target stubborn areas of the body affected by cellulite and dimpling, aids in hydration, and provides a smooth appearance. This treatment also opens lymphatic systems that are congested or stagnant in progression and that can block drainage of fluids and waste from our system. Our Doctors love utilizing this treatment to improve patient’s health and well-being by stimulating detoxification and toxin movement in the body.

The treatment can be done on the client’s area of choice: Abdomen, Legs, and/or Arms. Compared to other lymphatic treatments, Slimsage is an easy, stress relieving treatment that is long lasting and more effective due the nutrient rich ingredients in the KPS Essentials Slimsage products, used to heal and promote hydration and lymphatic drainage throughout areas of the body.

All of these products contain high antioxidant values, are high in skin penetration, open the pores, remove dirt and oils, and are great for softening the skin. The treatment and products also help the body to burn fat cells, through Maca extract. The products also contain antioxidants and high-quality oils that help to firm, tone, and smooth the skin. The best part about this products used is that there is NOTHING toxic within them. Combining the Slimsage Treatments with continued at-home care is recommended to achieve the best results.

What’s Included?

• Before measurements for comparison.
• Two forms of exfoliation; dry brushing, and KPS Cellulite Treatment Scrub.
• Massage with Cellulite Massage Oil.
• Nourishing KPS Cellulite Treatment Masque with heat to optimize skin penetration.
• Application of KPS Renu Body Sculpt.
• Final measurements post treatment.


60-Minute Treatment: $150

Can be done on Arms, Legs, Glutes, Abdomen, Chin

Package of 3 Treatments: $405

Package of 6 Treatments: $765

*** In one slimsage treatment your Esthetician will only be able to target areas on the same side of the body***

Add On

KPS Mini Facial add-on: $50.00

  • KPS Essentials 30-minute Mini Organic Facial can be added to your Slimsage appointment, by request.
  • Not available with back of legs treatments, as the client needs to be facing up.
  • Please let our team know when scheduling if you wish to add a mini facial to your treatment.