Tammy Jugovich
Licensed Esthetician
Licensed Phlebotomist

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  • Holistic facials
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Tammy was working at a job that was more corporate than patient care and frustrated with a lack of caring for people. At the time she had no control over what she could do to optimize care for people.⁣ She was restricted by management as to what she could do or say to patients. That meant she felt defeated in her career and no longer pushed herself to be better at her job. ⁣She learned how toxic the beauty industry is, and no longer looked forward to going to work or learning new information about her career.⁣

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…⁣

She was approached by Dr. McSwain, a friend who owns Michigan Center for Holistic Medicine, to draw her patients’ labs. ⁣Upon working with Dr. McSwain and her patients, Tammy remembered what it felt like to show real care. She saw patients healing and feeling like they are in control of their lives!⁣

Instantly, it became crystal clear that she has a choice in how she lives her life. She was so inspired by the healing and growth around her, that she decided to continue her education and combine careers as a phlebotomist and an esthetician to better serve her patients. ⁣Her plan was to continue her education as an esthetician, and focus more of her time at MCHM, and that’s what she did.

She is thrilled to work some place that she feels valued and help her patients truly heal.⁣ As an esthetician, her role is helping people get better. She is also expanding her knowledge by working side by side with the Doctor!⁣

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