Why Detoxes Fail


Today, I want to talk to you about why detoxes fail. They fail because people need to understand how the body naturally takes away toxins. If you go against the body’s way of taking out toxins, then the detox will fail. People say the only reason for a detox is to drain your wallet, and that’s not true. Otherwise, our body wouldn’t be designed to get rid of toxins. We make toxins in our body, so we get rid of them. We have a system for that. We have a lot of toxic exposure, as we’ve discussed in weeks past, and we need to understand how we can make toxins get out of our body. We have to understand some pathways.

If you ever get headaches or liver pain, if your skin is breaking out, these are signs that your body needs help to detox. A lot of people have these really bizarre rashes and wonder why. It’s because your skin is trying to get rid of toxins that are stuck in your body, in your liver. I know this personally. I had a time where I had a liver overwhelm, and I went to a very severe rash which was itching from the inside out. It was all I could do to not itch my skin off for an entire month, until I realized that the itch from my skin was actually coming from the inside out. It was actually my liver that had become overwhelmed. When I recognized that, I cleaned out my liver, and the itching and rash on my skin went away. A lot of skin manifestations, like psoriasis, eczema, bizarre rash, itching, is actually your body depositing toxins in your skin. You skin is trapping those toxins and you can’t get those toxins out. You need to support your body in getting rid of those toxins.

I want to tell you a bit about how the liver works. You need to understand this, and I have seen this a few times. I was going to offer a liver cleanse last year, and I didn’t do it because three people came to me in the same week and said “I did a cleanse, and I went to the hospital.” It sounded awful, and it really scared me. So, I started asking them detailed questions, and discovered that they were not going through the natural pathway the body uses to get rid of toxins. Their detox failed because they were actually putting toxins that were in other areas of the body into areas where they body could not process fast enough to eliminate the toxins.

You have to open the last door, and then open the door before that. Think of it as channels and locks, like the Panama Canal. You can’t get the boat out unless you open the locks subsequently. You want to open the most distant lock to let the toxins out, then the lock before that, and so on. Then you want to initiate a release of toxins that are stored throughout the rest of the body so that they have a place to go.

I’m going to show you this on the whiteboard.

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Basically, the liver is the area that processes a lot of hormones and toxins.

People are aware of alcoholic fatty liver disease. Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and similar diseases are a congestion of the liver that a lot of people are experiencing. If you doctor is saying you have elevated liver enzymes, that means that your liver is not processing toxins. It is storing toxins, and it is getting big, full, and it is not working. That is not what you want. The liver filters toxins, and you need the liver to work. We offer a liver cleanse in the office because it works great. It is really gentle and it does it right because it follows the pathways.

The liver has two main areas. It has two phases for processing toxins from the rest of the body. Phase one is the stuff that is being pushed into your liver. In between phase one and two, a lot of the toxins can just sit there. When your body brings these toxins into the liver, they get converted. Those conversions can sit between phase one and two. People are storing toxins that are converted into the body, called conjugated. These are just hanging out in the liver. The body started the processing, but it isn’t able to continue because it needs more nutrients, which it gets in phase two. Then it gets excreted throughout the urine and the bowel. If you are blocked at phase two, you do not want to be introducing more toxins from the body and pushing them into the liver.

What you want to do first, for a gentle cleanse, is to empty the back door first. This can be the difference between a cleanse working and failing. You want to clean the contents, or the metabolites, that are in the liver out of the way first, and open up the back system. Then, when you bring in the toxins from the rest of the body, they have a path to go out and not get blocked. That is what happens in all of the systems that allow for elimination of toxins. The reason so many liver cleanses fail is because you have to open the back door of the liver in order to get the toxins out, because the liver actually quasi-makes toxins as it goes through a conversion pathway to take toxins from the body and get them out. If your liver is not working very well or doesn’t have the nutrients it needs, it is storing toxins. You have to clear out the toxins of the liver before you bring in the rest of the toxins from the body.

When you think about the lymphatic system, it is basically the garbage can of the whole body. They have to basically go out through your armpit. The cells make waste and you’ve got to clean out at the armpit area first. For people who are trying to empty the lymphatic system through body work, you really need to clear out the blockages at the end of the pathway before you start introducing more toxins. Unless you have the end cleared out, you won’t be able to move the toxins through. It’s the same with your digestion system in many ways. I’ve been talking to many professionals about this, and there is kind of this main understanding that you have to take the cleaning of your digestive tract from the right side around and down to the rectum on the left side.

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But, I want to tell you that you can often start on the left side, where the rectum is, clear that out, go across the colon, and then go down. What you’re finding is that different people have different needs. If one way isn’t working, then just think about the system. In the bowels, for example, some people need the end of the system cleared out through massage, or rubbing your belly when you wake up in the morning. Maybe it’s more comfortable in a counterclockwise way, or maybe it’s better in a clockwise way. In any case, you’ll be learning that because you want to help move the toxins through your body.

As a side note, really important for bowels and eliminating toxins, you need to be having multiple bowel movements each day. Two to three bowel movements each day is normal. What comes in must go out! If you’re eating two to three times per day, you can anticipate having two to three bowel movements per day. If you’re having a bowel movement every day or every two to three days, you are blocking the system and building toxins. It is very similar to your liver, where toxins get stored. That is a bad environment, and it is not healing.

That is why some detoxes fail.

If you understand the science and the body’s natural pathways, then you will be able to succeed at detoxing your body. That is really important because we need to support our body in the healing process. That’s what detoxing is all about. It’s really just a natural component of the healing process. Don’t do it on your own, because you really want to do it with a trained professional who knows how to help people detox and understands those pathways. Otherwise, you can get into a lot of trouble. People have told me some true horror stories from times they have tried to detox on their own. You’re only looking at about $100 difference between grabbing a kit at a local health food store versus working with a qualified professional to help you naturally clean out the body. You don’t want to do a detox on your own.

If you are carrying excess body weight, have irregular digestion, you’re catching colds or illnesses, your body is screaming for a detox. Just think about it, if you’re body is storing those toxins, then your body is having to work harder on protecting you. Getting rid of those toxins allows the immune system to do more work to protect you from the outside environment. When you store toxins in your body, it is still making the immune system work too hard, and it’s creating inflammation in the body from excess toxins. You don’t want to do that to your body. You want to be able to optimize your health by optimizing your immune system and decreasing inflammation.